Novablog #1

      So excited that Travel Mercies is out in the world making the rounds! It was a long road. The bulk of the recordings were made in 2015 but were left undone by a confluence of circumstances. At the time we put it down, it was fully conceived and recorded. We just needed to get back to remembering where it started and what it needed to be complete.

     We’re two middle aged guys with families and jobs who aren’t trying to be cool or stay relevant, whatever that means. We are entertaining ourselves, exercising our gift for the language of music, communing and hopefully entertaining others while we’re at it. 

      I’ll be adding to this blog weekly. I’ve been inspired by Nick Caves amazing Red Hand Files. Check it out and subscribe whether you’re a fan of his music or not. 

      Besides being an incredible artist, Nick is an evolved and eloquent purveyor of the human heart. The exchange he has with fans of his music, and people who are moved by his musings inspires me weekly. I keep those inspirations dear to my heart these days. I don’t take any of these connections for granted. Maybe that’s a function of my age or the crazy times we’re living through. Regardless, I’m excited about opening this window and letting some fresh air into the room. Reach out to us at with any questions or comments about Travel Mercies or anything else happening in Nova world. Looking forward to hearing from you 

   -  Andrew

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