September 14, 2016

Beyond the Playlist with JHammondC: Andrew Hyra of Smokin’ Novas

Beyond the Playlist
Andrew Hyra

I talk to singer, song writer, guitar player Andrew Hyra. We talk about his start in music. Spend time on each of his projects: Billy Pilgrim, Smokin’ Novas and his solo work. We talk about the process and so much more.

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July 17, 2014

Smokin’ Novas review by Danielle Boise/Target Audience Magazine

By Danielle Boise @DanielleBoise· On July 17, 2014

With the tag Americana music that moves the soul, Smokin’ Novas lives up to that statement and more with the release of the band’s self-titled debut album, which happens to be produced by Grammy award winning producer Don McCollister. The 10-tracks run approximately 40 minutes and will fill you with every emotion possible –from the swells of sheer bliss to the pangs of a fragile heart. Smokin’ Novas masterfully fuses together the world of Americana and Folk with moments of nostalgia as the lyrics wrap intimately around the melodies to catch the listener in a truly perfect string of moments.

Smokin’ Novas start off with “Sunrise” a song filled with an earthy richness. “Crooked Smile” is that moment when you realize that you have to finally make room to fit in your life as yourself, no one else. “Wildflower Honey” by far is one of my personal favorite tracks on the album. The song is more than the tangy sweetness that the title indicates. With a true country hilt, the levels of sincerity are captured in the notes, lyrics and tone in this endearing love song with picture perfect images that causes the heart to smile and eyes to leak.

“Nightdriving” is a sexy escapism with “The mess you’ve been making is all your own design.”  Every person has created their own chaotic hell from one time to another, “Nightdriving” reminds us to just get out of our own way and drive through it. “Monteverde Ride” is a sleek song. I love the how the strings and percussion come together tightly on this song as they roll over the senses.  The most personal song on the album is “Up on the Mountain,” which hit me hard.  A touching tribute to loss and to learning how to come to terms with a missing piece of you. One that is so profound that it rewrites who you are. Yet, in all of that learning to live again and find joy in small moments.

The last track “Rosemarie” wraps the album up on a perfect note with a charming accolade to a loved one. The entire album is rich, full and lush. One that fully activates the senses. This is an album you will want to listen to more than once, and often.

If you are fans of The Civil Wars, John Mayer or The Lone Bellows, then this is the band for you.

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March 29, 2014

Smokin’ Novas CD Release

CD Release show at Eddie’s Attic July 18, 2014 at 7:30pm…we’re thrilled to be back playing at the Attic and looking forward to our CD release.  Eddie’s Attic is a popular and intimate live music venue for aspiring and accomplished performing songwriters. The Attic is located in Decatur, Georgia, a small artist-friendly town within the metro Atlanta area.  In its first 19 years, Eddie’s Attic has been the springboard for an amazing number of local artists who have gone on to receive national recognition – names like John Mayer, Sugarland, Shawn Mullins, and The Civil Wars.

For additional information and tickets go to



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March 10, 2014

Smokin’ Novas debut album now available for download

The Smokin’ Novas debut album is now available for download purchase on the music page.  The 10 song album was produced by Grammy winning Don McCollister and features an all star supporting lineup including Marty Kearns on keyboards, Gerry Hansen on drums, John Keane on pedal steel/mandolin, Rob Henson on upright bass, Andy Carlson on violin, Jeff Mosier on banjo and Annie Hyra on backing vocals.

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February 23, 2014

Don’t Count Me Out picked up for rotation on Strabane Radio in Dublin

Don’t Count Me Out was just picked up for rotation on Strabane Radio in Dublin, Ireland…Europe here we come! Have a listen below.

Smokin’ Novas debut album is a collection of 10 original songs that pull together elements of Americana, country, rock, pop and folk.Joining them in the recording of their debut album was Grammy winning producer Don McCollister, legendary Athens GA producer/engineer and musician John Keane and an all-star lineup including Gerry Hansen on drums, Martin Kearns on keyboards, bassist Robert Henson, two time Georgia State Champion fiddler Andy Carlson and Jeff Mosier on banjo. “This is the best album that I’ve recorded in my career,” says Hyra. “I’m prouder of this album than any I’ve ever recorded,” says Hyra. “the album has a rich musical depth and maturity and was great fun to make.”

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